About 60 scientist from the Nordic countries participated in the meeting 23.01.2018 on future possibilities in neutron research.

The meeting covered general topics such as talks on “New Scientific Opportunities at ESS”  by Prof. Andreas Schreyer, Director of Science at ESS, and “Neutrons and industry – the UK approach” by Prof. Robert McGreevy, Director ISIS (UK), as well as talks by leading European experts about the various neutron scattering techniques.
In the last session of the meeting, representatives from the main universities in Norway presented their activities within neutron materials research. A final panel discussion with introductory input from Dr. Shane Kennedy (ESS), Prof. Kurt Clausen (DTU/PSI) and Dr. Charles Dewhurst (ILL) covered the theme about the role of small neutron sources, such as JEEP II,  relative to the bigger ones such as ILL, PSI,  or ESS. The panel also commented on ways to increase the use of neutron methods in academic research, as well as for industry in Norway.