Neutron scattering beam time can be requested by contacting the instrument responsible scientist:

Powder diffreaction – PUS instrument:                        Magnus H. Sørby –
Small-angle neutron scattering – SANS instrument:         Kenneth D. Knudsen –
Neutron beam test beamline – R2D2:                          Isabel Llamas-Jansa –
High-intensity low-resolution instrument – DIFF:             Geir Helgesen –

Cost for using the NcNeutron instruments:

Industry project
– commercial use, results not published (mainly PUS, SANS):                              NOK 9600 per day

– technical assistance before and after measurement, including data analysis:         NOK 1740 per hour

Academic project

For research projects funded by the Research Council of Norway (RCN) costs for using national research infrastructure (e.g. NcNeutron) should be included in the cost of the project that RCN shall cover, and for such projects the following prices should be used:

– much use of neutrons (limited by instrument availability):                             NOK 100 000 per year

– routine measurement (mainly PUS, SANS):                                                NOK 6000 per day
discount for experiments running over several days may be negotiated

– test or exploratory use (mainly R2D2, DIFF):                                               NOK 2000 per day


By using any data from the NcNeutron infrastructure you agree to the following guidelines:

  • NcNeutron staff should be included as co-authors whenever they have made significant contributions
  • All publications utilizing NcNeutron infrastructure should be reported to the NcNeutron management (
  • The use of the NcNeutron infrastructure shall be acknowledged in publications, for example as:
    The authors would like to acknowledge support from the Research Council of Norway through the Norwegian Center for Neutron Research, NcNeutron (245942/F50)